Milan Tilder (1975 Netherlands)

I have been active as an independent professional artist since 2000. I make paintings, murals/street-art, illustrations and objects/installations. Besides that I like to produce (electronic) music. My inspirations come from various historic-and multi religious stories, pop culture since the ‘50’s and the variety of weird stuff I like to collect, such as vintage (space) toys, electronics and ethnographica.

Lastplak collective

In 2001, together with a group of parallel upcoming (street) artists and friends I coincidentally initiated the street art collective LASTPLAK. Ever since we have been active and became pretty well known with our group murals, stickers, paintings, exhibitions, live painting and art projects worldwide.

Social cultural work & art workshops

For 19 years I worked as coördinator for Via Kunst, a Rotterdam based art gallery and workshop for “street related artists”, outsiders, home –and roofless, psychiatric patients, refugees and others. Within the same project in 2007 I initiated a music recording and production studio where a lot of beat making –and rapping young adults plus other street musicians could record and produce their music. Since 2018 I changed jobs and now work for Pluspunt Rotterdam as a social cultural worker where I guide the participants and initiate social, cultural and artistic activities and events. Also, Free Lance based, I organize educative and artistic workshops and activities for various groups. schools and organizations.