Matryoshka dolls

A variety of self designed matryoshka dolls

CCCP tribute matryoshka set

Kosmonaut matryoshka doll playset

As a unique personal touch, I put holes in the matroesjka's to be able to look inside.

In the Sojouz space capsule, you can see the kosmonaut/spaceman.

When you open the space suit, there is the spaceman in his underwear.

Inside the spaceman there is a UFO, with a female alien in it.

The female alien carries a hybrid baby.

Russian prison tattoo matryoshka doll

I made this matroesjka with a pyrograph wood burning tool.

The design is inspired by traditional russian prison tattoos.

Prypyat Chernobyl tribute matryoshka doll

Islamic state matryoshka doll

If the matroesjka doll were a kalifat souvenir, I thought it maybe could look like this. Please note: This work is not IS propaganda, nor is it mocking or critisizing Islam. The design resembles the IS flag, but the arabic writing promotes Love, peace & equality.

Yuri Gagarin matryoshka doll